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Harnessing the power of social storytelling to encourage relocation to the Isle of Man.

At a Glance

Locate.im has reinvigorated government communication. We faced a unique challenge: how to convey all the benefits of living and working on the Island, while ensuring visitors have an engaging and enthusing online experience.

The site succeeds in weaving together valuable information with a social narrative to create a vibrant, living tapestry - bringing the Island to life as never before.

The Challenge

Having identified a need for certain skills, the Isle of Man Government Department of Economic Development wanted to inspire people to relocate to the Island. As their current websites are typically information-heavy they were looking for an engaging way to portray the Island as an exciting, contemporary place to live.

Our Approach

We quickly realised that achieving the Government’s aims would rely on social proof – demonstrating the experiences of “real people” already living, working or visiting the island. So we knew we needed to create an immersive, digital experience; one that animates the narrative of our island and creates a buzz that engages those interested in relocating here, as well as the local community. To achieve this, we needed stories.

"Change the story, change the world." - Terry Pratchett

The Results

Our approach involved mixing articles, stats and facts with user-generated social media content to create a series of stories picturing the Island as a progressive and exciting place to be.

To evidence this, we built a bespoke "social wall" that feeds in content containing the hashtag #loveiom from various social networks, all managed and approved from within our customised content management system.

Locate Isle of Man

The design language of the site is clean, gutsy and vibrant, emphasising the vigour of life on the Island and the attractive range of opportunities here.

Rolling video content and absorbing articles make this site one that you actually want to spend time on, drawing you into the tale of island life, while providing you with all the information you need to make that big decision.

Welcome to the Isle of Man!

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