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A beautiful new website enables The Children's Centre to better convey their indispensable work.

At a Glance

The website we created for The Children's Centre establishes distinct identities for their dual functions: Charity Work and Children's Services.

A clean, crisp and coherent visual language differentiates both aspects of the charity, while the innovative integration of charitable gift purchases aims to boost donations.

The Challenge

All good relationships are based on communication. Yet researched showed that Isle of Man residents were largely unaware of the scale and variety of the work carried out by The Children's Centre.

As with all charities, in order to raise the funds necessary for their work to continue, they needed a more effective way to portray their range of services.

Our Approach

Working closely with The Children's Centre management, we formed a clear picture of the organisation's structure. Its diversity of function, from charitable services to childcare, meant that the charity's message had often become convoluted and unclear.

Because the end users of their charitable services and childcare services are not always the same, our answer was to create one website but with two discrete but visually consistent sections.

While key colours for each side of the site are different, common design features ensure that both operate harmoniously together and brand consistency is maintained.

The Children's Centre mobile

The look and feel of the main charity side of the site with its large video and striking statistics captivates and informs the user, while clear calls to action encourage donations.

Visitors can read more about each of the charity's programmes, while being offered various ways to get involved – including the opportunity to purchase tangible gifts as an alternative means of donating.

This innovative new approach to donation aims to encourage a different type of donor, who may be more willing to help when they can see tangible benefits for their donation.

We're delighted with the outcome and feel privileged to have helped such an important island charity provide a more satisfying and fulfilling experience for their donors and clients.

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