The Abbey & The Forge

A tale of two websites: diverse offerings from one of the Island’s premier restaurateurs

At a Glance

We lay on a feast for the eyes, drawing out the distinct flavours of two local sister restaurants.

The Challenge

With one thriving restaurant under their belt, when Sarah and Artan opened their new smokehouse restaurant they came straight to us to deliver a captivating new website for each venue.

Whilst their established restaurant, The Abbey, sought to entice users with the excellence of its cuisine and dining experience; The Forge, as a newly opened restaurant, needed to emphasise its distinctive qualities in order to attract new visitors.

Our challenge was to ensure that these two sites complemented one another visually to maintain the connection between the two restaurants, while remaining sufficiently diverse to reflect the differences in venue and offering.

Our Approach

The Forge website has real substance. Generous food photography whets the appetite while bold typography reflects the simplicity of Artan and Sarah's core message. Words and visuals combine to create a solid design scheme that speaks of robust, flavoursome food and the genuine warmth of this new venue and its proprietors.

The new website for The Abbey is more composed. As befits a well-loved destination for afternoon tea, clarity and restraint predominate. The composition is harmonious and serene, creating an overarching theme of restful ease and contentment.

The Forge & The Abbey mobile

Despite the differences in their respective offerings, the two sites successfully but subtly suggest a connection to each other through a common site architecture and visual layout.

Both feature clear and extensive menus; both are fully responsive on mobile and tablet to cater for users who are hungry and searching for a restaurant immediately.

And, naturally, our bespoke content management system allows Artan and Sarah to alter content and revise menus on both sites whenever they wish.

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