Google’s funniest April Fools’ Day jokes

Google April Fools Jokes

1. Google Gnome

From the team that brought you Google Home, meet Google Gnome. A device that can tell you what the weather's like outside when you are... outside. Other key features include nihilistic philosophical observations on the subject of compost and playing Nickelback. Just don't ask it to add anything to your shopping list – that's an indoor request. I'm getting Hal flashbacks.

2. Must-have Chromebook Accessories

This year's hottest Google accessories include the Chromebook Workout Armband "for the dedicated athlete". This armband is a must-have if you want to make it big in sport.

Inspired by the light, inexpensive accessories available for VR viewers, Google's Cardboard team brings you the latest in immersive VR technology – Cardboard for Chromebooks. Presumable, like us, this is also compostable.

3. Google Play for Pets

Don't fret about your lonely dog, cat, chinchilla or chicken while you're away at work. Google Play for Pets offers games, apps and training tools for bored critters. The multiplayer mode means you can even organise gladiatorial tournaments between your pet and those of your workmates.

4. Haptic Helpers

Virtual Reality is supposed to be immersive, but Google has spotted a flaw. While most VR headsets provide intense sight and sound stimulation, they completely fail to take into account the other three long-neglected senses. At least they did, until now.

Now a team of "well-trained humans" complete with utility belts and the invention Foley artists will travel to your house and simulate the physical sensations missing from your VR experience, whether this means blowing a hairdryer in your face or offering up a mop for you to pet in lieu of a puppy.

5. Where's Wally

We've absolutely no doubt that you're familiar with Wally (or Waldo for our American Readers), as a staple of kids books world wide this elusive character has caused most of us to swear in frustration in dentist and doctor waiting rooms all over, well where else do you get to see kids books on the daily?

It was probably inevitable he would appear on Google Maps eventually. 

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