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  • Tokelau Renewable Energy Project gets underway

    Recently, we worked with Powersmart Solar to develop a software package, connecting the hardware to a visual interface for the solar power installation they are undertaking on the islands of Tokelau.

  • Another winning combination between New Zealand and the Isle of Man

    Whilst we are enjoying the long Queen's Birthday weekend, Wellingtonian Bruce Anstey won one of the most thrilling races in Isle of Man TT history when he took the first Monster Energy Supersport race on Monday afternoon.

  • EU Cookie Law - Are you prepared?

    At DotPerformance we love capturing data about how people use websites and studying it to learn how to make better websites. So when we first heard about the EU Cookie law, we all went very pale in the face.

  • Should my business be on Facebook?

    A few years ago it was questionable whether your target audience was on Facebook. Since then it has continued to grow exponentially and expanded its audience, there now there are over 800 million users, with an average age of 38 years old - now my parents are even on Facebook. You can expect almost all company's customers are on Facebook.

  • Responsive Web Design - What's it all about?

    Check any web design blog and chances are there'll be an article relating to responsive web design. You could say it's the current buzz word in the web design world, but what's it all about and how important is it really?

  • 18 months interest free on website, software and mobile development

    Pay as little as £5.50 per day (NZ$11) for your DotPerformance website, software or mobile site. We can offer you a payment plan over 6, 12 or 18 months interest free.

  • DotPerformance opens new office in New Zealand

    We are delighted to announce the opening of a new office in New Zealand as part of a strategic plan to continue to expand our services in new markets.

  • Ask yourself: Why do I need a website?

    There is a list longer than my arm for reasons to have a website, and indeed many people will tell you why your business MUST have an online presence, why you cannot afford not to have a website.

  • 2 steps to growing revenue through mobile

    All online businesses today should be taking mobile very seriously. It is estimated that by the end of next year, most people will access the internet via their smartphone. If your website or marketing campaigns are not geared up for this growing number of visitors, you're going to be at a significant disadvantage.

  • QR Codes. What are they and how can they help me?

    QR Codes are becoming more and more prevalent, popping up in magazines, newspapers, billboards, tv ads and any other surface marketing types can get their hands on.

  • Tracking from source to offline sale

    If you're like us and your business makes its sales after talking on the phone then you'll find it's not straightforward to know exactly where that lead came from. But now you can!

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