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  • New Zealand Motorhomes goes mobile!

    Over the past few months we have been working with New Zealand Motorhomes to release their new mobile site, for users on the go to quickly and efficiently get the information they need to make their booking.

  • Ultra Marathon Man

    A massive "well done!" and "millions of congratulations!" for our "across the offices running hero", Rob Bathgate on completing the 100 km Tarawera Ultra Marathon 2013 in 27th place!! It's hard enough driving for 100 km but to run the distance is impressive! And to do it in just over 13 hours is awesomesauce! :-)

  • Moving Online and Square Eyes - Doubling up our screen time

    I know I have done it – in fact I did it last night whilst watching the news. Simultaneously browsing the internet on my smartphone whilst watching television. I even had my tablet next to me too.

  • Helping 'Manx Miracles' make a mark

    We are proud to announce the launch of the Manx Miracles website. This Isle of Man based children's charity is very close to our hearts, and we have donated our time and expertise to brand, design and develop the Manx Miracles web presence.

  • More Than A Map

    Google Maps is really more than a map. Thanks to a community of global developers, some amazing applications are being created.

  • Microsoft fined by EU over Internet Explorer

    Microsoft got a big slap on the wrists today, to the tune of 561 million euros (£484m), for not giving the users of its operating system a choice when it comes to which web browser they use.

  • Websites that we like: Combadi

    Combadi is a travel website that carefully selects innovative holiday and travel ideas that "help you learn, grow and change". Based on meaningful holiday experiences, Combadi categorises their holidays into 3 main areas: the Mind/Body/Soul.

  • Happy 7th Birthday!

    This January, DotPerformance turned 7 years old. From its humble beginnings as a one man band (and his cat) to a specialised team spanning 3 continents, DotPerformance is growing old gracefully and has never looked better. The celebrations included lots and lots of red cake...

  • Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement is part of the Toyota Production System (TPS or Lean) which helped make Toyota the second largest car manufacturer in the world. Simply put, it is the on-going process of identifying and implementing a positive change in a system or business, making it more efficient or less costly.

  • The Evolution of the Web

    Browsing the world in which we live in (a.k.a. the Internet) whilst demolishing my lunch today, I came across something incredibly cool (if you’re a bit geeky).

  • Kiwis are the most social!

    Over 80% of the New Zealand online population (that's over 2.7 million) visited Facebook in October! That makes Kiwis the biggest users of the site, ahead of our neighbours over the pond, Australia (74%), the US (69%) and the UK down at 68%.

  • What you need to consider when accepting payments online

    The innovations of the Internet have allowed us to accept instant payments online, either via payment gateways or using specialized APIs. Even with today's exciting technology, you still need to be aware of how important it is to have your website working correctly with these payment services.

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