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  • Are you losing business by ignoring smart phones?

    Just because you can see your website on a mobile phone doesn't mean it's mobile-friendly. In fact websites which are not optimised are very hard to use and suffer from high abandonment and low conversion rates.

  • Christmas Emails - Show your festive side this year

    Christmas is approaching and it will soon be time to get those company Christmas cards sent out, but have you considered saving both time and money this year by sending a Christmas mailer rather than a traditional printed card?

  • The importance of being relevant

    The internet continues to evolve at a staggering rate, yet many websites have stayed the same for years. At DotPerformance, we don't build websites the same way as we did 12 months ago, or even 6 months ago.

  • – fails at the first hurdle

    A brand new rival to the huge was said to be launched earlier this week, backed by Mainfreight co-founder Neil Graham. However things did not go quite to plan.

  • M-commerce is on the Rise

    M-commerce, otherwise known as mobile commerce, includes anything from mobile banking to mobile ticketing and purchasing. M-commerce first came into existence in 1997 when Coca Cola enabled two vending machines in Finland to accept payment via SMS text message. It was also in Finland during 1997 that the first mobile phone banking service was launched, also using SMS.

  • Book Review: Rework, from the creators of Basecamp

    At Dot Performance we are big fans of Basecamp, we use it daily to manage our projects. The guys behind Basecamp are hugely successful and have put out a must read book for all online companies called Rework, by the founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

  • HTML5 impact on Business

    HTML5 and CSS3 are the next major versions of the HTML and CSS standard. They introduce many new features which make design and development much easier and open up a lot of new possibilities. The HTML5 canvas option offers a true alternative to Flash and has pushed it considerably behind (especially when Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone would not support Flash, in favour of HTML5). HTML5 has made ideas possible which were once considered far-fetched or even impossible.

  • How Copyright Infringement can affect your Google Ranking

    Search Engine giant Google recently announced that they will be taking into account the number of copyright removal notices they receive for any website when calculating the search engine ranking.

  • A brief look at life post cookie law

    On May 26th 2012 a change in UK law required website owners to gain consent from its users before creating cookies. This came in force as part of a wider EU Privacy Directive that has to be adopted by EU countries.

  • Top-level domains go on sale

    The online world is once again about to change. Top-level domains which are the .com, or part of the website address are about to go on sale.

  • Creating an effective Facebook Page

    Many small businesses feel compelled to use Facebook to promote their product or service. Some feel that if they don't use it they will get left behind. Many have started their Facebook page already but too few are reaping the rewards from their efforts.

  • The death of IE6, and is IE7 following?

    For some time now, Microsoft has been actively pursing the death of Internet Explorer 6 - a version of their Internet browser born over 10 years ago.

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