In 1999 whilst studying for his degree Andy Orton developed a website for students and started to supplement his student income by offering website development services. Upon realising his student site needed more visitors Andy started to study and practice search engine optimisation combined with user behaviour.

Later Andy would run a digital agency abroad and eventually return to the Isle of Man where after heading up the online communications of a financial services company, he founded DotPerformance in January 2006.

When Andy founded DotPerformance, his objective was clear – to be recognised as the leading digital agency in the Isle of Man.

Andy explains: "After years spent in marketing teams I learnt the value of genuine service that delivers results. I wanted to produce an agency that prides itself on exceptional product, honesty in customer service and results that are evident on our clients sales ledgers".

Andy quickly became engrossed in client work! Fortunately the exceptional work that was produced and the trust that he gained from his client base led to organic growth - with operations now in the Isle of Man, New Zealand and Canada.

DotPerformance became one of the first agencies to focus on performance marketing using web technology. This included website development, search marketing, email marketing and Analytics.

Within a few years the company was offering web application development and became a full-service digital agency.

Known for his single minded dedication to the highest standards, Andy persistently seeks perfection within the websites, software and marketing campaigns that we develop.

Andy concludes: "The team have worked hard to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional web-based experiences in an ever changing environment. I made the decision that DotPerformance would be the premier digital agency in the areas it locates - and that service must be paramount to ensure sustained success."


Country: New Zealand
Hotel: Four Seasons Hong Kong
Toy: Remote Control Helicopter
Sport: Martial Arts, Cycling
Wine: Pinot Noir
Food: All sorts
Film: The Promise
TV: Sopranos
Music: Flying Into Tokyo

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