Website Developer

Claudiu's passion for computers started at a very young age when he preferred to stay at home and assemble and disassemble the computers, install and re-install the OS and different other software rather than go on holiday. The idea of programming fascinated him from a young age, he just wanted to make something that will "run online" and say he did that!

After graduating from University with a degree in Computer Science, he gained vast experience working for software companies, freelancing and having his own company.  But in the process he found out that managing employees, office, cash flow, rent, utilities, taxes are not his thing and prefers to just do what he does best - "play" with code and make great systems and websites that perform well.

At DotPerformance he works on front end, back end code and software. In his spare time he tries to learn to play the piano.... but still a beginner after many years! We guess code and piano may not quite go together! ;-)


Country: Singapore
City: Rome
Toy: SublimeText :)
Food: Can't decide so i'll eat them all :)
Film: City of Angels, Gladiator
TV: Dexter, Breaking Bad
Music: Yruma, Michael Jackson
Favorite Quote: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life (Confucius)

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